Ten Keys to a happy sober YOU!
Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Podcast

Hosted by: Kate & Mandy

Two friends, mums and sober sisters, who became Authors and Coaches having the chat about reasons to love sober.


Love Sober Podcast - Guest Nana Treen.

Episode #171

In this episode Kate talks to dear friend and sober legend, Nana Treen, long term Soberista, occasional blogger, advocate for alcohol-free life and creator AF Loud and Proud. https://nanatreen.wordpress.com/ Treen got...
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Love Sober Podcast - Motherhood & Gifts of Sobriety

Episode #170

In this episode we discuss our journeys in sobriety and our experiences as mums. We look at why it's so important for women to have the appropriate support, community and care as mothers to honour that rite of...
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Love Sober Podcast - Guest Amanda Townsend

Episode #169

In this episode Mandy talks to Mental Health specialist and trainer Amanda Townsend. Amanda is a self-care & self-love advocate who uses her lived experience of poor mental health to inspire others on their...
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Love Sober Podcast- Guest- Michael Happy Without the Hooch

Episode #168

This week on the podcast Mandy speaks with Michael @happywithoutthehooch It was a real pleasure to talk to Michael and for him to share his incredible journey to sobriety. It shows us all that there is possibility...
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Love Sober Podcast - Love Yourself Sober Part 1- Neuroscience for Sobriety.

Episode #167

We kick off our Love Yourself Sober series this week, with themes from our book Love Yourself Sober - a Self-Care Guide to Alcohol-free Living. In Part 1 we talk about neuroscience and sobriety and the simple things...
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Love Sober Podcast -Guest Emma Sobersonic

Episode #166

In this episode, Kate talks to Emma Sobersonic, who is a sober life advocate  has been sober since 09/11/2015 🙌🎉 and is an award-winning Non Alcoholic Cocktail Creator and Mocktail Master 2022. We explore Emma's...
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Love Sober Podcast Episode 166 - Guest Rachael May - Radically Sober

Episode #165

This week Kate talks to Rachael May, accredited professional Transformational Life Coach and author of Radically Sober. In this episode, just in time for Valentine's Day we dive into Rachael's sober story and into...
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Love Sober Podcast Episode 165 - End of Dry Jan and Next Steps in Growth

Episode #164

In this week's podcast we chat about the end of Dry January and how to navigate the next part of the year and journey. With a focus on this last part of winter, mindfulness, self-care and looking for the light when...
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Love Sober Podcast 164 - Guest Veronica Valli

Episode #163

In this week's podcast, Kate talks to the wonderful Veronica Valli about her new  book ‘Soberful: Uncover a sustainable, fulfilling life free of alcohol’ published by Sounds True. It's an opportunity once again to...
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Love Sober Podcast Episode 163 - Guest Lois Beim and Liz Mckean from The Phoenix

Episode #162

This week on the pod, Mandy interview Lois Beim and Liz Mckean from The Phoenix @riserecoverylive  Liz McKean is a Yoga Teacher and Person in Recovery.  Born and raised in Western NY, she lives in Tampa, Florida with...
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Love Sober Podcast Episode 162 Tips for Dry January

Episode #161

It's the first episode of 2022... so welcome to any new Dry January listeners and welcome back to old friends. In this episode we discuss tips and tools from Kate's  fitness training sessions and how they translate...
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Love Sober Podcast Episode 161 - New Year 2022!

Episode #160

Happy New Year! In this episode we say goodbye politely and not so politely  to 2021(aherm) and set some gentle intentions and hopes for lighter times and more play in 2022 and discuss our respective Word of the Year....
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