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We’ll show you how to connect a healthy body, mind, and soul so you can live in balance. A life you LOVE Sober


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Three paths to explore:

Courses for Sobriety & Personal Growth.

Coaching for focussed Support.

Membership for friendship & accountability.

Change your relationship with alcohol.

Take back control and be the boss of your life, wellbeing and happiness.

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You have the power to change

Our courses are designed with you in mind! We focus on mindset, habit change and self-empowerment written by women for women. They are packed full of resources, easy to follow and digestible for your busy life.

At Love Sober we take self-care as the cornerstone of our sobriety. We believe sobriety is the anchor that we need to ask better questions about what we really need. It is the solid foundation for greater self-esteem, happiness, growth and purpose in our lives.

Each course includes access to our community membership too!

Becoming Sober - The Awesome choice
Our 6 week self-study course is perfectly tailored for sober & sober curious women to explore what sober living might look like, it's our Love Sober Essential Toolkit. It's a course to give you the mindset shift you need to get, stay and LOVE sober.

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Love Sober Life School

Our signature 3 month interactive  group coaching programme for brilliant women like YOU who want to live an empowered and joyful alcohol-free life. Daily videos and practical tips and tools and theory around weekly sobriety, wellness and themes plus live weekly group sessions.
Make brilliant friends and join our Alumni!

STARTS 21st MARCH 2021


Get, Stay, Love Sober Together

Connection is key. Join us and a host of awesome women who have all decided to kick the wine witch out - or are trying to. Meet people with common goals, stories and experiences.

We have weekly meetings, monthly coach calls and regular lives and an archive FULL of resources.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! We're Kate & Mandy, certified Sobriety & Well-being Coaches. Specialists in Behavioural Change and Addictive Habits.

We are also proud founders of the Love Sober, hosts of the Love Sober Podcast and the authors of Love Yourself Sober.

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