Ten Keys to a Happy Sober You!

Love Sober Podcast - Motherhood & Gifts of Sobriety

Episode #170

In this episode we discuss our journeys in sobriety and our experiences as mums. We look at why it's so important for women to have the appropriate support, community and care as mothers to honour that rite of passage, protect our mental and physical well-being and to ask the real questions about care - not just be sold Mummy Wine Time. We revisit our first book Love Yourself Sober - a Self Care guide to Alcohol-Free Living for Busy Mothers. which was the book we REALLY needed to write and is a collection of all the things that helped us  along the way. 

We also reference the Vision Boarding Workshop with Kate , this coming Sunday on Mother's Day in the UK at 5pm. This is an opportunity to engage your creativity in envisioning a life you love sober or bringing more of what you love into your sober life. 

Booking link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/spring-vision-boarding-for-sobriety-tickets-291730663267

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