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Love Sober Podcast

Love Sober Podcast

Hosted by: Kate Baily

Kate Baily & Mandy Manners are two sober women, authors and coaches. Here they chat about motherhood, midlife and life through the sober lens and their reasons to love sober.


Love Sober Podcast 29 Guest:Bex Weller 28/02/2019

Season #1 Episode #29

On today’s podcast we have the delight and privilege to be joined by the mighty Bex Weller all the way from Perth , Australia. Bex is an author, speaker, coach and founder of award winning www.sexysobriety.au.com....
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Love Sober Podcast 68 Comfort Zones 28/02/2020

Season #1 Episode #68

Ep 68 This week we talk through the rather sticky subject of comfort zones, are they good? Do they hold us back? When to push them and when to retreat, it's not always easy to know and so we mull this over and how we...
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Love Sober Podcast 67 Career & Parenting 21/02/2020

Season #1 Episode #67

Episode 67 In this episode we discuss what comes up for a lot of people we talk to and our clients, the transitions between the roles we play, we are thrown from career person to parent to child to spouse, often...
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Love Sober Podcast 66 Guest: Sam Quinlan 14/02/2020

Season #1 Episode #66

This week on the pod we are delighted to welcome Sam Quinlan, Founder of ICAAD. Sam is a real sobershero having worked in the field of mental health, addiction and recovery for many years. Samantha once dreamed of...
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Love Sober Podcast 65 Self Love 06/02/20

Season #1 Episode #65

This week’s podcast we talk about Self Love. It’s not easy to deconstruct the process of where we are now and where we were. To that place of deep self loathing and crippling low self worth. To both be able to say, I...
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Love Sober Podcast 64 Mothering 31/01/20

Season #1 Episode #64

This episode maybe what you technically call a rant lols. We just had to get something out and that’s Mum shaming. It’s happened to so many of us, everyone seems to have an opinion about mothers, and everything seems...
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Love Sober Podcast 63 Guest:Tammi Salas 24/01/20

Season #1 Episode #63

This week we had the absolute pleasure of talking creativity and recovery with Tammi Salas.  Tammi hasn’t had a drink since February 3, 2015. She is a former wine bar owner, lifelong seeker + recovering...
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Love Sober Podcast 62 Guest:Simon Chapple 10/01/20

Season #1 Episode #62

Episode 62: We are delighted to welcome Simon Chapple on the pod this week. Simon Chapple is the founder of Be Sober, the author of The Sober Survival Guide and a senior alcohol coach for This Naked Mind. He has made...
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Love Sober Podcast Kate & Mandy 61 03/01/20

Season #1 Episode #61

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This episode is a quick check in with each other. We have lots of exciting projects on the go so we talk through these.   • Our new Facebook...
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Love Sober Podcast 60 Guest: Taryn Strong 27/12/19

Season #1 Episode #60

We are delighted to end 2019 with a very special guest @tarynstrong Taryn is the co-founder of @she_recovers the international women’s recovery movement with her mother @recoveringdawn Taryn is also a qualified yoga...
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Love Sober Podcast 58 Guest:Millie Gooch 13/12/2019

Season #1 Episode #58

This week, our second special episode sponsored by Sainsbury's we talk to our friend and very inspirational woman @milliegooch Millie Gooch is a writer, speaker and founder of Sober Girl Society @sobergirlsociety - an...
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Love Sober Podcast 57 AF Drinks 6/12/19

Season #1 Episode #57

This week's podcast is the first of three Xmas specials sponsored by Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's have really been a forerunner in providing AF drinks and supporting emerging low and no alcohol brands onto the market,...
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