'This coach should come with a health warning : Will seriously improve your life FOREVER!'

Jo, West Sussex. 

It is only once you’ve been through an experience like this, with a fantastic coach, that you can truly appreciate its value.  I evangelise about this experience to all my friends. If I could, I would make it mandatory for everyone to experience coaching and have the opportunity to discover their true potential.

K. Eire

Let's work together to create a life you LOVE sober.

Being happy and sober might seem like a stretch. It might seem impossible. It might be that you think other people can do it but not you. But the great news is you CAN and I know because I felt exactly like you.

​Now is the time to call BS and boss YOUR life alcohol-free in exactly the way YOU want to for future health & happiness which starts now.

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Jo, U.K

'Completely life-changing' 


D, Canada

'Real, honest and relatable on so many  levels: as a woman, a mother, a friend.. 

'I liked this because it wasn't a 12-step program I â¤ï¸ Love Sober.'

You don't have to hit 'Rock Bottom...'

• Feeling exhausted with the back and forth of stop and start drinking?

• Experiencing  a lack of joy or interest in life? Have you been relying on alcohol to cope with stress and tiredness to keep going?

• Having that Groundhog Day feeling about your drinking? That awful realisation it’s not working but keep going back to it?

• Identifying with being  a Grey Area Drinker (somewhere in between occasional drinking and rock bottom) and have that creeping feeling that this is just not OK anymore?

• In the midlife transition, perimenopausal or menopausing and want to make better choices for your wellbeing? 

• Knowing that life can better but not sure how to go about it?

•  Feeling scared because drinking has always been your way to enjoy, unwind or relax  and you don’t know what else you would do?


•  Stopping and starting, setting rules around drinking or looking outside at others to convince yourself it's OK even though you know you are struggling? 


Now is the time to change your relationship with alcohol...

I work with women in the grey area of problematic drinking.

Has the nightly glass/bottle began to take centre stage in your life? What was the comfort/treat and yet now? It doesn't feel so good. The 4 am wake up? The blindspots in your evening? The internal battle of whether you will or won't drink? Trying to moderate, but not having an off-switch? Feeling like you want to make a change, but terrified at the same time? Don't worry, I have been there & together I am confident you can make the changes you want to make. 

1:1 Coaching with Me.

•75 minute -Sober Life Audit.

• Habit Change and Wellness Tracker & Planner

• Weekly 50 minute sessions over Zoom.

• Email/ Voxer support between sessions - weekdays only

• Exclusive, intimate, and guided access to the Love Sober R4 Balance Method* & if you require perimenopause or menopause support I include the Menopause  Package*

• A supportive, judgment-free, and confidential space to be yourself, develop and nurture new habits, explore your passions, and reconnect with yourself

• Tools, techniques, and strategies that enhance our work together and can be used even after your coaching has concluded

• Ways how to approach your self-care for your life NOW.

• Accountability and gentle feedback to keep you making progress with your sober path.

• Inner work to help you approach the areas that are holding you back from making progress.

• A Life-Stage appropriate Well-being and Wellness plan to create navigate the Wellbeing for Motherhood, Midlife, Menopause & beyond. 

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F, England

'Love Sober is the key to me staying sober’

If one to one coaching isn't for you right now, why not check out  group coaching?

Together we Thrive 

Love Sober Small Set Group Coaching Sessions run once  a month and are held online. They are a combination of sharing circle and coaching tools, journaling and somatic awareness. By setting intentions and reflecting together regularly, supported with holistic wellbeing & coaching tools we get stronger in our sober journeys. My creative workshops for sober women are advertised on my Newslettter & Substack 

NB This is open to members with LOVE SOBER MEMBERSHIP only. 




The lives of busy caregivers is impactful.

Whether it's tackling stress, low self worth, socialising, overwhelm, work/life balance (most likely all of those and more) there's a way forward – and we're going to tackle it together. If you are in a life transition or need help to reduce stress & build confidence, I can support you. Let's build those toolkits! You are worth it. 

Kate x 

'I would recommend Love Sober services to anyone struggling with their relationship with alcohol’ C, U.K. 

"Your approach is so person centred, not a one size fits all but completely tailored to the individual. " K, U.K.


Qualified and Accredited

I am an ICF Accredited  trauma-informed, Integrative Sobriety & Wellbeing  Life Coach specialising in sobriety, holistic well-being for women in midlife, perimenopause transition and stress management. I was a finalist in The International Coaching Awards in 2019. I'm a SHE RECOVERS® Coach, which means that I am trained in and my work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles. I am also a Specialist Coach Trainer for The Coaching Academy in Addictive Behaviours & Habit Change. I also hold certificates in The Science of Happiness and Counseling & am a Certified Menopause Doula.
It's so important that your coach is trained with reputable establishments, abides by a professional code of ethics and is insured. I abide by the International Coach Federation code of ethics which you can see here and am required to undergo continuing professional development and assessment to remain accredited with them. Please also see this information about choosing a professional to work with by Alcohol Change UK