Kate Baily

Sober Life Coach, early days sober support, nervous system regulation, holistic wellbeing, trauma informed,  transformational life coaching, creativity, stress management, parenting kids with extra needs, long-term sobriety.

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Mandy Manners

Sober Life Coach, mental health, early days sober support, trauma, recovery coaching, habit change, stress management, creativity, long-term sobriety, life and career coaching. 

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"Your approach is so person centred, not a one size fits all but completely tailored to the individual. "

Working with the R4-BALANCE    model


At Love Sober we created the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. acronym as the foundation of our coaching approach. Supporting holistic wellbeing means our clients can get, stay and LOVE sober.

B  Body (Mental & physical well-being, nervous system regulation, female cycles, nutrition & movement)
A  Awe (Gratitude, Sensory Needs, mindfulness, nature and the seasons)
L  Lifestyle  (Boundaries & Routines )
A  Alignment (Values, true north & purpose)
N  Nurture (Knowledge, recognising needs for mind, body & soul)
C  Connection (Relationships, solidarity, asking for help, family and friends)
E  Enjoyment (Play, flow, hobbies, adding-in, finding your th-ing)


F, England

'Love Sober is the key to me staying sober’

Let's work together to create a life you LOVE sober.

Not making do, not missing out, but a life so full that there is no room for stinking thinking and alcoholic drinking.

We work with women in the grey area of problematic drinking.

Has the nightly glass/bottle began to take centre stage in your life? What was the comfort/treat and yet now? It doesn't feel so good. The 4 am wake up? The blindspots in your evening? The internal battle of whether you will or won't drink? Trying to moderate, but not having an off-switch? Feeling like you want to make a change, but terrified at the same time?

Love Sober Life

 Jo, UK

'Completely life-changing' 


'Real, honest and relatable on so many  levels: as a woman, a mother, a friend.. love, love, love Kate and Mandy.'

'I liked this because it wasn't a 12-step program I ❤️ Love Sober.'

We work with caring sensitive women like you (like us)

Do you spend so much time looking after others that you have got into the habit of not truly caring for yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Disatisfied often? 

The lives of busy care givers is impactful.

Whether it's tackling stress, low self worth, socialising, overwhelm, work/life balance (most likely all of those and more) there's a way forward – and we're going to tackle it together.

At Love Sober we take a mindful holistic approach to coaching.

So you can boss your life using sobriety as the anchor for personal growth, health and satisfaction (with a lot of fun and happiness sprinkled in).

Let's find what lights you up?


Kate Baily is the co-founder of Love Sober, an ICF accredited Life and Personal Performance Coach and author, specialising in mindset and wellness coaching, holistic recovery from AUD and radical self care. Her mission is to enable women to reclaim power in any areas they feel compromised, build their own unique programs for wellness and happiness and get excited about alcohol-free living.

She also specialises in stress management and nervous system regulation and supporting mums who have neurodiverse children.

She is also a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Grey Area Drinking Coach and holds certificates in The Science of Happiness, counseling and Positive Psychology. She was shortlisted for Best Newcomer and a finalist in the prestigious International Coaching Awards hosted by The Coaching Academy Coaching for a Cause category in 2019. She incorporates her training with edx in The Science of Happiness, The Coaching Academy and SHE RECOVERS to help clients love themselves and their lives sober.


Mandy Manners

Mandy Manners is the co-founder of Love Sober a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Coach, author and speaker. Specialising in mindset and recovery coaching and focusing on the impact trauma and mental wellbeing has on problematic alcohol use.

 She coaches' women to feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking alcohol. Harnessing their decision to go sober to pivot from surviving to thriving in all areas of their lives using evidence based  strategies to create their own toolkit of resources for stress management, nervous system regulation and self-supportive living.

She uses her training coupled with her own experiences to work with clients to transform their own lives to find balance, gratitude, satisfaction and a life they love sober.



'I would recommend their services to anyone struggling with their relationship with alcohol’

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