Love Sober Podcast- Guest- Michael Happy Without the Hooch

Episode #168

This week on the podcast Mandy speaks with Michael @happywithoutthehooch

It was a real pleasure to talk to Michael and for him to share his incredible journey to sobriety. It shows us all that there is possibility and we do recover and how comedy, community and connection can provide the tools to a life without alcohol. There is talk of overdose and suicidal ideation and attempt in this conversation. So please do make sure you are in the right space to listen, it is also a conversation of hope, survival and recovery which is really inspiring.

Michael Sargood is 39 years old and from Southend-on-Sea in the UK and is over one year sober. At the depths of his alcohol addiction, he was drinking up to a litre of neat vodka per night and was diagnosed as being alcohol dependent. Despite this, he managed to hold down a good job until the last few months of his addiction. He decided to quit alcohol in March 2020 and went to live with his parents for the first three months of his recovery. He was sober seven months before relapsing in October 2020. That "one" drink lasted four months and saw him placed under the care of the local mental health team. On the 17th of February 2021, after losing over 24 hours to blackout, He went sober again. That was the last time he drank.This time round, He is trying to recover differently. Instead of just "subtracting" substances, people and places, he is focussing on adding things to his life: new friends, interests and ambitions.

  He has taken up comedy and recently started performing.

He runs alcohol-free social events in his local area and is on a mission to meet IRL with other sober people he's connected with on Instagram. "Life has never been so good for me and I want to help others who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse discover the joy of sobriety." He says.

Michael is off to Scotland with @welovelucid 20th - 23rd of Scotland - so if you're up for some laughter, connection and bagpipes don't miss out!

Grab a cuppa and let's chat. Love M & K xx