Embrace and explore the joy of alcohol-free living through seasonal wisdom and cycles of and nature


Love Your Sober Year - A seasonal guide to alcohol- free living.

Mandy and Kate have done it again . . . Dive in you won’t be disappointed.’
Veronica Valli sober coach and author of Soberful.
The seasons are there for us all to use; the patterns and cycles offer a reference point that can help us as we navigate our sobriety. By tuning into nature’s ebb and flow, we can use its power to explore and support our sober lives in a long-term and sustainable way.
Sober coaches Kate Baily and Mandy Manners offer positive and empowering ways to harness this power, exploring how old wisdoms, new science and the female experience can help guide you.
Packed with tasks to shift your mindset, questions for reflection, nervous system regulation techniques, as well as gratitude and intention-setting exercises, this book is designed to be a constant
companion nurturing you in your choice to be alcohol-free.

The seasons offer us a point of reference throughout the year, providing a rhythm alongside daily life when we are on our
sober journey.
Love Your Sober Year uses the seasons both literally and metaphorically.

‘A beautiful sober guidebook rooted in nature for reflection and comfort’
Millie Gooch, author of
The Sober Girl Society Handbook


Love Yourself Sober: A Self Care Guide to Alcohol-Free Living for Busy Mothers 

(Welbeck Publishing 2020)


"Upbeat, wise and empathetic...a best sober buddy in your pocket" - Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries.


Are you sick of thinking about drinking?
Have you tried to cut down or stop, but just can't seem to?
Do you want to learn to love being sober?


This book is for anyone, whether they are sober-curious, already sober or considering becoming sober.


Brimming with wellness strategies, exercises, tips and tools alongside coaching advice, you will learn how it feels to stop drinking and reclaim your wellbeing so you can bring your A game as mums and as women.
It's time to get sober, stay sober, love sober.


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