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Psst... do you want to know a secret? 

🍸 Are you are ready for some new personal growth?
🍸 Do you want to make sobriety stick this time?
🍸Have you got sobriety fatigue?
🍸 Next level on your sober journey?

 Love Sober Life School is for you! 


Welcome to our life-changing signature 3 month interactive programme for brilliant women like YOU who want to live an empowered and joyful alcohol-free life. Written and delivered by expert sober coaches and packed with videos and practical tips and tools and theory around weekly sobriety, wellness and themes plus live weekly coaching calls we will support you through this journey of self discovery.


Lauren's Testimonial

Ive shifted from a mindset of fear about having a drink  to really embracing my life.

When you change, everything changes” and this course has helped me to change so much for the better.

I have all the tools to love my life sober now.

Love Sober Life School


Supporting you through Christmas, New Year and Dry January. 

Created by Habit Change Specialists Kate Baily and Mandy Manners & delivered by ICF Behavioural Health Coach Kate Baily and Addictive Behaviours Coach and CI practitioner Nancy Evans. 

Join Kate, Mandy & Nancy this November on a 12 week journey of self discovery, support and kickass self-supportive learning.

What you'll get:

  • Weekly webinar to introduce the topic. Worth £180

  • 3 months of Daily videos building on your knowledge & resources. Worth £300

  • Weekly coach-led group reflection meeting with Kate or Nancy. Worth £600

  • Everything you need to LOVE Sober life. Priceless! 

  • Building life long friendships with like-minded women. 

  • Life Skills for Stress Management, work/life balance, nervous system regulation with Kate who is trained in the Neurobiology of Stress - £300

  • Self-empowerment, Self-compassionment and Self-leadership.

  • The best start to a new way of life, in which we keep what works and let go of what doesn't to arrive at where we want to be.

  • Access to Love Sober membership community & reflect & connect meetings and the library. Worth £120

  • WORTH OVER: £1,500

  • WAS £1195 now only £595 with EARLY BIRD OFFER (less than £50 a week) 

See Course Details & Curriculum

Hi, I'm Kate.

I know what it's like to: 

🍸 Feel bad about yourself because you have tried to quit drinking many times.

🍸Feel exhausted by hangovers and the conversation in your head about whether to drink today or not.

🍸Have some sober time and then go back to drinking because I didn't have the toolkit

🍸 Use alcohol for stress relief and then feel more anxious and stressed 

🍸Be able to do Dry Jan on muscle power but secretly wish I could feel happy and sober. 

I stopped drinking and have spent years developing a program with other behaviour change specialists  based on the tools for happy, sustainable sober living. I LOVE being sober and want to help you love it too. 

My Story

What people are saying!

'It has given me confidence to understand how to live an authentic sober life.'

Incredible - 5 Stars 

I arrived at sobriety broken and lost and weary. With the help of Love Sober I have gradually been able to do the work of putting myself back together. I’ll be forever grateful to Kate and Mandy. 


I’ve laughed along and I’ve cried and all the whilst feeling in the company of 2 old friends. Love Sober is my safe space and my home. I can’t rate this highly enough. I’m nearly 8 months sober and honestly I don’t think I’d be here without Love Sober. I’ll be forever grateful.

'Mandy and Kate are both wonderful. I feel like I have known them both years. Their openness and honesty allowed me to be honest to myself when reflecting.'

'Please be kind to yourself and take this course. You won't regret it. Make sure you journal and take notes as you then have these ideas with you forever.'


'It has given me back enormous power in myself which alcohol and other recovery options completely took away. So the unique part of Love Sober is the self love, respect and ownership I feel that is enabling me now to stay on a path that I previously saw as something I didn't want. Now I want it more than ever and it feels much more effortless than before because the journey is enjoyable.'

You will be embraced as you are from the moment you reach out and you won’t have to be alone again.’

It was amazing to be fully supported and in the care of people who are not only passionate about what they are doing, but was also very skilled.

'The kindness, humor, warmth and the unconditional positive regard were so valuable in reducing the shame I felt and made me feel so safe to be honest. I very much appreciate your straightforward, practical approach and the utmost dedication you give.'

‘Mandy and Kate are the real deal - kind, caring, reflective, smart...and theyve been down the path and understood what you are going through…Their personal knowledge, their training, their expertise in many fields

‘This course helped me to see that when women get together to support and care for one another, it gives both those giving and those receiving the power, courage, and vulnerability to open up, truly connect, and truly dive into the underlying reasons for drinking in our own personal lives. And this has been everything for me. ‘


All The Tools You Need To Love your life Sober

Connection, inspiration, expert coaching, tools from the Science of Happiness, the Neurobiology of stress, positive psychology & the Science of Habit Change. Video content, live sessions, tools and resources from ICF Coaches Kate Baily & Mandy Manners, joined by Addictive Behaviours Coach and Compassionate Enquiry practitioner Nancy Evans. 

Kate Baily 

Created and facilitated by Habit change specialist, Addictive Behaviours Trainer, ICF Accredited Coach & Author & Podcaster Kate Baily 

Mandy Manners 

Co-Created by trauma specialist and ICF Accredited Coach & author Mandy Manners. NB Mandy will not be facilitating this year. 

Nancy Evans

Facilitated by Addictive Behaviours Coach training in Compassionate Inquiry with Dr Gabor Mate.


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