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I am so glad you are here. I'm Kate Baily and this is Love Sober, a Community Interest Company with community, courses, my books,  coaching and info to  helps women love their lives sober. It began as my blog back in 2016 and grew in stature when I met Mandy Manners and we started a podcast together. You can listen to over 200 episodes we recorded on Apple music or Spotify. 

Please feel free to look around the site, join the membership community or sign up for a courses or coaching. 

All my written content and any new recordings or interviews now live on Substack, which is a platform for writers to connect with audiences in a more intimate way than Instagram or Tiktok for more in depth posts and connection so if you are looking for info or inspo please feel free to subscribe for regular posts, journaling prompts, poetry and personal essays around sobriety, habit change, wellbeing, the seasons, midlife and mental health.

My Substack is called Seasonal Sobriety, a framework which took form after the publication of my book 'Love Your Sober Year - a Seasonal Guide to alcohol-free living' in 2022. It's about how to live well and maintain our sobriety and happiness holistically with the foundation always as the choose to get rid of alcohol from our lives so we can recover and rediscover ourselves. 

You will receive weekly-ish posts and news and offers so if this sounds good, please feel free to head over there, subscribe and then come back! 


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