Ten Keys to a Happy Sober You!

Your Core Values - WORKSHEET

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  1. Pick 10 Values from the list

Work yourself quickly through the list and go with your gut feeling.

When something strikes you as a value write it down.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes for this step.

Don’t worry too much which ones you pick, the values you choose will give you more clarity moving forward.


(List taken from https://thehappinessplanner.co.uk/pages/list-of-core-values)
  1. Choose your top 5 out of those 10 Values

Make sure to pick your top five values that are the most important to you, not what you think you ‘should’ pick or inherent family values, these are YOUR ‘north star’.

Sometimes some of those 10 values you picked have a similar meaning.

Just pick one that resonates with you the most.

For example, honesty & integrity or joy & fun may have a similar meaning to you. So, listen to your gut and pick one of those three that connects with you most (you can always include the others in brackets).

Always go with what feels right for you.

  1. Define and understand each of your 5 Values

Here are some questions to ask yourself in relation to each of your top 5 chosen Values:

  • What does this value mean to you?
  • Why is this value important to you?
  • How is this value showing up in your life now?
  • If you are drinking or have another behaviour which is making you unhappy – How does that behaviour take you away from your values?
  • What would your future self say to you?
  • How might you react if this value wasn't being honored by others?

Write down your reflections paying specific attention to your future growth.

  1. My Top 5 Values

Below add your top 5 values and mark how aligned you feel to them right now – 1 being not very - 10 being absolutely

My Top 5 Values:







How aligned I feel with them at the moment (1-10):


4. Living aligned with your values

To live in alignment with your values, you need to take actions towards them.

Questions that will help you come up with actionable steps.

  • What benefits might you see if you're able to honor this value more?
  • What could you start doing now to live more aligned with this value?
  • What actions in the past helped you out to live more aligned with yourself?
  • How will you know that changes are happening?
  • How will you celebrate your successes?


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