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£10 per month for connection, community, online peer-led meetings & the Love Sober Book Club. Early Bird Options for Courses, Workshops & Masterclasses.

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Your Community

A safe and secure women's group. This is your Sober A-Team, cheering you on, and sharing the joys and the challenges of life.  The power is in the connection of women together, stronger together. We operate a Buddy System so if you are new and would like to have a bit more support we will introduce you to a member who can show you the ropes! 

Your Meetings

Your meetings -online peer support meetings three times a week to reflect on a topic, To share and listen to the stories of other women on a similar path and wise women to cheer you on wherever you are on your journey. Book club is once every 6 weeks hosted by Victoria and there are ad hoc meetings in real life which vary from region to region. 


Your News

Free subscription to the Weekly Publication on Substack.

Exclusive discounts on Love Sober Courses and first in line for events to support you on your exploration of sober living. 

Get Sober... Stay Sober... Love Sober Together

Join professional coach Kate Baily & a brilliant group of peers to build a life you love sober.

This is a collective collaborative space to find your sober sisterhood, gather resources and join like minded women on their own personal development journey.

Share your common bonds, values, interests and connect and keep accountable and connected on your sober journey.

Our membership provides a space to talk about the good days and bad days, to chat through what's going on, make suggestions, support each other and have somewhere safe, secure, secret and sober.

Whether you are sober or sober curious you are welcome.

Team Love Sober will be there to support the group and  ensure this space is what we believe in - a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental women's group because it's key and we know this space will help you all to get, stay and love sober.

Join Get, Stay, Love Sober Together and work alongside Kate and the group to keep curious, active and supported in the things that matter most to you.

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"Their honesty, vulnerability and sense of humor made me feel like I was hanging out with friends and I needed that desperately in a time I felt so alone. Their approach to sobriety-that it’s awesome, way better and something to love as opposed to something to slog through in misery was so easy to internalize because they spoke of it in such a genuine way. I wanted what they had! "


Midlife Creativity

I believe that midlife is an incredible time for women. I believe we rise, recover and rewrite the narratives of our lives and reconnect with our innate creativity. We haven't got to this age without skills, resources, wisdom and strengths. At Love Sober we have a coaching mindset - We help you remember your strength and find your solid ground so you can recover your balance and thrive. 

Peri-menopause Transition

As a coach, a woman, mother of teenagers, wife and a menopauser I know about transitions and this midlife one is a biggie for women. But with the right tools and support we can land in our power and claim our wellbeing and empowerment through information, boundaries, connection and expression. Sobriety is THE solid ground to ask 'What do I need right now?" I the Love Sober Community you will meet many women asking the same questions and exploring the same path. 


'Connection is the opposite of addiction.' This quote by Johann Hari is a pivotal truth in supporting habit change and recovering from stress and burnout, additions or however our struggles manifest. Now, more than ever we are feeling the need to connect and you are so welcome to connect with us on the secret Facebook group & online meetings. 


What you get with membership

  • The hub of support really is the private Facebook group. We are a small group of supportive sober and sober curious women, mums, daughters, grandmothers. Your posts cannot be seen on your feed or on your page. It’s private. You can even set up a separate profile and just use the group if you are not a Facebook user ..over the last few years we have tried other platforms but Facebook does the discussion threads better.  
  • The private Facebook group for discussion, accountability and for support.
  • Peer support meetings - Tuesdays and Sundays at 7pm and Fridays at 8pm
  • The Love Sober book club 
  • The buddy system.. when you join you will have a buddy who will help you settle in and take you to the online meetings so you know someone there, before you make other friends.
  • Ad hoc in real life meet-ups ( regional variations) 
  • Access to resources in the library on the Love Sober site and Love Sober blogs and newsletters

We will be delighted to welcome you to the Love Sober Membership Community!

Together we get, stay and love sober!

Warm wishes