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At Love Sober we developed the R4-BALANCE method for sustainable sobriety based on the wisdom of the seasons, habit change models and holistic wellbeing. We use the acronym of BALANCE (read more here) because our approach is about adding in, abundance, filling our toolkits our lives with so much good stuff that we feel nurtured well and balanced and there is no room for alcohol.

Spring is the perfect time to create new habits, spring clean, set intentions, allow growth, new ideas, optimism, inspiration and nurture our self-care.

Creating a life you love sober is about widening your choices and trying out new things. Your life may have revolved around alcohol for a long time – now it’s time to flex your sober muscle and try new things. So, this season maybe freshen things up a bit with ideas from this list. Reframe sobriety as your gift to you, the most profound way you can nurture yourself and your wellbeing. 

• Write your personal sobriety mantra
This is your own personal mantra relating to your sober journey. Start with ‘Sobriety is . . .’ and add what it means to you. For example, ‘Sobriety is . . . freedom, happiness, health, hearing myself, and self-care’. Write something that feels empowering, positive and personal to you. You can use this if you feel wobbly, or perhaps read it first thing every morning.

• Choose a social activity that you want to try alcohol-free

• Try a new alcohol-free drink

• Have a go at a new hobby or activity that you have always wanted to try

• Say no to something you don’t want to do

• Explore a new sober or well-being podcast or book. 

• Add in some movement (such as dancing or stretching) 

• Create positive sober statements

Sit quietly and focus on your breath, then ask yourself, ‘What is my deepest sober desire? What do I want sobriety to give me?’ Then frame it as a positive statement. ‘I am happily sober.’ I am confident and content in alcohol-free living.’
• Plant some seeds
You can plant seeds at any time of the year and it can be very comforting and grounding. We can visualize the passing of time, and care for and nurture plants as a symbol of our sobriety.

• Buy yourself some fresh flowers.

• Start a Spring Journal and answer these questions: 

How do I want to feel this spring?
What matters to me the most this season?
What about this season makes me feel at my happiest/calmest /most joyful? What would I like to create or nurture in my life this season?
What elements make spring special for me?
What fears would I like to release this spring?
Because I was sober, this week I . . .


Love K&M X 

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