The Cure for Sobriety Fatigue

Oct 21, 2022

Have you heard of Sobriety Fatigue? It's that MEH feeling you get sometimes when the sober mojo starts to fade and before you know it your mind is racing forward to Christmas or a party or holiday and you suddenly feel like you are missing out, you are obviously making too much of this sobriety thing, it would be fine to chill out with a glass of wine, or have a night off, after all you have proved you can do it, right? 

This is the Wine Witch or the 'Addictive Voice' and it is literally old, learnt behaviours, habits and neural pathways activated at times of stress, imbalance or if we haven't been doing the things that keep us motivated. 

This also has a pattern to it above and beyond the stress, trigger moments - In my experience in the first year and many others report the same  it was every 3 months or so, typically it happens when we are actually READY FOR NEW GROWTH! ( So it's actually a good thing if we know what's going on) BUT it's very disconcerting if you don't know this stuff. 


The model of behaviour change around addiction is cyclical. First is pre-contemplation (we don't know we have a problem), next contemplation ( we have an inkling we might have a wee problem), next is preparation (we might do Dry Jan, set limits, read some quit lit for example). Action comes next - perhaps we do a course, hire a coach, join a group and get some sober time under our belts - this is the first couple of months - then MAINTENANCE - This is super important and is the upkeep and evolving sober toolkit and it needs support and ongoing cultivation and care otherwise the last part of the cycle can happen... Relapse/ Recurrence. 

This is the part LOVE SOBER LIFE SCHOOL speaks to - Maintenance  and renewed vigour and growth, and robust tools which leave your sobriety water tight. So if you are wobbling, have a bit of fatigue or have tried other things this is for you. This year it's a fricken steal at £450 (£150 a month) for daily contents,  community, connections, coaching calls. Nine years on the sober path and years of professional training of to deliver this course so it's reliable, correct and comes from the heart too. 

This is THE self-development course for sober women written by Kate Baily & Mandy Manners who are habit change specialists and ICF accredited coaches. It's facilitated this year by Kate joined by Nancy Evans who is a Certified Life & Addictive Behaviours Coach & is currently training in Compassionate Enquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate.

Love Sober Life School is our 12 week interactive group coaching facilitated by us as professional coaches and addictive behaviour specialists. Over 12 weeks we look at every aspect of sober life - relationships, stress management, creativity, to brain health, sensory needs and much, much more!  We created this course to help women not only get sober but to stay sober because they love their life sober. It is open to all women who want to combine their sober journey with personal development.

Dates 13th  November at 5pm - Feb 5th 2023

We can't wait to welcome you!

Love Kate x 


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