Who's Queen? Why you don't need to drink this Jubilee Weekend.

May 25, 2022

Is anyone freaking out about it? Is the wine witching jumping up and down in her nasty pointy heels talking s** at you? No? BRILLIANT! WHOS' QUEEN? That's right - YOU ARE...

And because you know it’s all rubbish right? Bank holidays can be really triggering because, like weddings and birthdays they are ‘High Days’- these holidays can push all the buttons of the addictive voice, they pull stuff into focus and elevate it so basically you have to have your fatigues on and ready to take the wine witch down and re-size them as Just-Another-Day.

I have signposted a couple of old blogs around socialising sober, a party SOS guide with tips and tools and a list below to help get our mindset straight.  Add your our arsenal to this list and keep it handy, put it on the fridge, get a banner made for your street party etc - Whatever it takes:) 

Why you do not need to drink this Bank Holiday Weekend. 

• If you drink you will feel like s***

• No-one was ever glad that they drank

• You are chasing the first half an hour then the rest will either be you trying to control it or you with a hangover.

• Ethanol mixed with colours and sweeteners and flavours is rank. 

• You are a sober goddess 

• It’s JUST ONE DAY ( or weekend- whatever) You HAVE to cast your mind beyond the weekend - because that is what’s coming and you are going to feel amazing and have built big sober muscles and have proof that you have GOT this. 

• You don’t actually care about the Jubilee anyway. 

• Genuine high days are so much better without the destructive numbing influence of a carcinogenic, legal drug. 


Think about what you want long term, when we have a high day approaching our vision gets very narrow and focusses on that occasion. So, yes, use that focus to prepare, get accountable, set yourself up for success and THEN widen the aperture to look at this next month and your sober journey and how good you can and will feel. 

For more tips and tools visit:

And Love Sober Podcast Episode

With Emily Syphas of Sober & Social. 

Much love 

Kate x 

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