Addictive Behaviours Taster Session with Love Sober & The Coaching Academy

addiction coach coaching scienceofhappiness the coaching academy Nov 14, 2020

Join us for a 2 hour online workshop about the science of addictive behaviours and its place in coaching practice.

If you enjoy this video and like what we do, are interested in learning more about the science of addictive behaviours or coaching, you can join us in a 2 hour online class hosted by The Coaching Academy on 24th November at 10am. You do not have to be a qualified coach to attend this class.

Addictive Behaviours Coaching Taster Session

Would you like to learn tools and expertise to unlock the next layer of your clients' success? Or maybe some new techniques to empower the coaching relationship and establish any unhelpful habits that are getting in the way of your client performance?
Join us for our unique taster session- a live interactive session which will change the way you think about Addictive Behaviours and will give you the tools to see how your clients unhelpful repeated habits get in the way of their progress and ultimate success.

Introductory offer available

When: 24th November from 10 am - 12 pm

Where: Virtual Training


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