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Coaching, Courses & Community for alcohol-free living






Start Your Alcohol-Free Journey Today!

If you're struggling with alcohol use or are curious about sobriety, reach out today and get the support you need.

Understanding Your Relationship with Alcohol

Many people turn to alcohol for various reasons:

Winding down at the end of a long day.

It's become a decades-long habit which has crept up on you.

Coping with stress at work and home life.

Experiencing peri-menopause symptoms.

Masking social anxiety and sensory needs, especially for those who are neurodivergent.

How Love Sober Can Help

At Love Sober, we support you in a way that feels good and that you can be proud of. Our approach is designed to help you embrace a sober lifestyle with confidence and pride.

We have a secret to tell you... You have no idea how good you are going to feel!

Community and Support

You don't have to do it alone. With our course, you gain FREE access to the Love Sober Membership Community, which includes:

Twice-weekly peer support online calls.

Monthly Holistic Coaching Calls & Webinars 

Workshops and more!

Take the first step towards a better, alcohol-free life with Love Sober. Join our community today and start feeling amazing.



The Course 

One Month Support, half price now only £47

Get started on your sober journey with the ultimate sober self care toolkit. With daily content you will be guided through the steps and tools to establish a base for happy, sober living. 

Bonus FREE monthly access to Love Sober community, peer support meeting and monthly coaching call with me. 

1-2-1 Coaching

Other options to get you started...

Hi , I'm Kate Baily. I am an ICF accredited life and sobriety coach, a habit change specialist and a certified Menopause Doula. I'm also an author and the host of Love Sober Podcast. If you are a woman in your midlife and you want to change your relationship with alcohol and discover how to boss this stage of life then you are in the right place. I have helped 100s of women discover and maintain happy, sober living and I would love to help you with your alcohol- free journey too. 

Get in touch

Am I a Grey Area drinker ?

Between the extremes of an occasional drink and all wheels of the wagon, there is a huge spectrum of alcohol use and misuse, which although society normalises is, hazardous, harmful and high risk and is stopping you from living your best life. It will show up as hangovers and an internal battle years before anyone else would ever know it was a problem for you. How do I know? Because I was one too....

These questions might resonate with and if they do, help is at hand....

Are you...

🍸 Sick of thinking about drinking?

🍸 Tired of waking up jaded?

🍸 Able to manage a few days of the wine then go back to it - rinse & repeat? 

🍸 In your midlife and know you want to make a positive change for your health? 

🍸 Realising that alcohol is costing you more than just money? 

🍸 Getting worse hangovers and increased hangxiety? 

🍸 Tired of the same old story ?

🍸 Looking for something to change?

Do you want to ....

🍸Make sobriety stick this time.

🍸 Achieve peace of mind, more energy & increased confidence

🍸 Build connections with brilliant women like YOU who get it

🍸 Be coached by professional coaches who have been sober themselves for years.

🍸 Explore a holistic, positive and enjoyable approach to sobriety based on the evidence-based habit change methods?

🍸 Join the growing number of people who choose to be alcohol free because they LOVE being SOBER

If you answered 'yes' to any questions in either column, you are in the right place!

Your Sobriety Journey Starts Here

Have you:

  • Read some quit lit?
  • Completed a period of sobriety like Dry January?
  • Listened to sobriety podcasts?

If so, you can join one of our courses. 

Personalized Support Just for You

If you want more tailored support, you can always book a discovery call for coaching with me. This personalized coaching session will help you:

  • Identify your unique challenges and goals.
  • Develop a customised plan for your sobriety journey.
  • Receive ongoing support and guidance.

Take the Next Step

Whether you're just starting or need additional support, booking a discovery call can provide the personalized attention you need to succeed.

Start your alcohol-free journey today with Love Sober and discover how good you can feel. You don't have to do it alone – we're here to help every step of the way.


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What People are Saying ...

Incredible - 5 Stars
I arrived at sobriety broken and lost and weary. With the help of Love Sober I have gradually been able to do the work of putting myself back together... forever grateful.

Having tried different ways of getting sober from making deals with myself and AA and online things, the thing that stands out about Life School is all the different angles - it's such a rounded education, the  science, research, what's going on with you, relationships, you realise it's not you being a failure. It's practical, planning for a night out, then I feel I'm saying no to alcohol and yes to everything else. And it's that's what has made all the difference. I am seeing things clearly for the first time. 


Just brilliant - thank you - it's so worth the investment. It's changed how I feel about myself, my relationships, my marriage. It feels like the welcome mat to my life. 


I’ve laughed along and I’ve cried and all the whilst feeling in the company of old friends. Love Sober is my safe space and my home. I can’t rate this highly enough. I’m nearly 8 months sober and honestly I don’t think I’d be here without Love Sober. I’ll be forever grateful.

'Please be kind to yourself and take this course. You won't regret it. Make sure you journal and take notes as you then have these ideas with you forever.'


'It has given me back enormous power in myself which alcohol and other recovery options completely took away. So the unique part of Love Sober is the self love, respect and ownership I feel that is enabling me now to stay on a path that I previously saw as something I didn't want. Now I want it more than ever and it feels much more effortless than before because the journey is enjoyable.'

You will be embraced as you are from the moment you reach out and you won’t have to be alone again.’

It was amazing to be fully supported and in the care of people who are not only passionate about what they are doing, but was also very skilled.

'Kindness, humour, warmth and the unconditional positive regard are so valuable and helped reduce the shame I felt and made me feel so safe to be honest. I very much appreciate your straightforward, practical approach and the utmost dedication you give.'

I honestly believe that this course has saved my life.

The course gave me the tools, confidence and support to know that the power to my own happiness is within me.

I feel as though I’m coming home to myself and that now not only with things be ok, that they are going to be amazing, special, exciting and however I want them to be.


Discover the Secret to an Amazing Midlife

Do you want to know a secret? Midlife is an incredible time to embrace and love being sober. We have the skills, strengths, and experience to draw from, which have brought us this far. However, if alcohol has become a problem, it can feel like hell. Hangovers are brutal, and the demands of caring for others, working, and hormonal shifts during midlife make drinking no longer feel like just a good time.

The Power of Sobriety in Midlife

It doesn't need to be this way. As a coach, a woman, mother of teenagers, wife, and a menopausal woman, I understand transitions, and this midlife one is significant for women. But with the right tools and support, we can reclaim our power and well-being through information, boundaries, connection, and expression. Sobriety provides the solid ground to ask, "What do I need right now?"

Join the Love Sober Community

In the Love Sober Community, you'll meet many women asking the same questions and exploring the same path. We need a lifestyle and mindset that supports each stage of our lives. We must consider the whole picture: our personal history, lifestyle, hormonal shifts, and stress impact our entire selves and lives, potentially triggering addictive behaviors and problematic relationships with alcohol.

Is This You?

  • Multiple calendars
  • Overflowing to-do lists
  • Juggling the needs of older parents, career, home, early motherhood, kids still at home
  • Navigating perimenopause or menopause
  • Drinking to dial down the stress, which now feels like a habit of a lifetime

Now is the Time

Now is the time to get, stay, and love being sober! Our programs, written by ICF-accredited coaches and habit change specialists, are facilitated by Certified Addictive Behaviors Coaches. We have supported women from all over the world to build happy, confident alcohol-free lives and harness their happiness and well-being.

Embrace a Healthy, Satisfying Life

If you're ready to change your relationship with alcohol and want to feel more confident and embrace a healthy, satisfying life, Love Sober can help. Join our programs and membership community to find support, connection, hope, laughter, and creativity to BOSS your midlife.

Read the Books...

Meet Kate ...

Kate Baily is an ICF Accredited  trauma-informed Sobriety, Behavioural Health  and Life Coach specialising in habit change,  holistic well-being for women, midlife, perimenopause transition and stress management. She was a finalist in The International Coaching Awards in 2019. A SHE RECOVERS® Coach means that she is trained in and her work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS® Intentions & Guiding Principles. She is a Specialist Coach Trainer for The Coaching Academy in Addictive Behaviours & Habit Change. She also holds certificates in The Science of Happiness Theory and Facilitationthe Neurobiology of Stress,  Counseling & Advanced Menopause Support.

She also is co-author of two best-selling books on holistic sober living Love Yourself Sober (Welbeck 2020) and Love Your Sober Year (Hachette 2022.)

Love Sober is proud to work in collaboration with The Coaching Academy, ARCO, Changing Chances and  She Recovers.

Hi! I'm glad you're here. I believe that midlife is an incredible time for women. I believe we rise, recover and rewrite the narratives of our lives and reconnect with our innate creativity, power & find our voices. We haven't got to this age without skills, resources, wisdom and strengths. At Love Sober we have a coaching mindset.

We help you remember your strength and find your solid ground through alcohol-free living so you can recover your balance and thrive.....

I want to tell you a bit about my story so you know you are not alone in this. When you reach that point when you want to change your relationship with alcohol you and start looking for some support, you have probably been thinking about it for a while. 

I stopped drinking in my early 40s after I had my youngest. She was three and my son six. My diaries in between her birth and my sober birthday are full of lists and goals and shoulds such as losing weight and detoxing. These were punctuated with regular hangover entries, saying how fed up I was of drinking, how I was going to give up that day, as I went round and around in circles. I was locked in a cyclical pattern, a hamster wheel of trying to cope with the stresses of life with the nation's favourite drug, regretting, giving up, drinking again to socialise or dial down the stress, rinse & repeat. 

I'm now in my midlife, Been on the sober path for ten years, with a few stops and starts. Now continuously alcohol free  for seven years. Life goes on (if we are lucky) and so I'm now navigating the menopause and my kids are teenagers. And that's the thing ... life keeps on coming and we keep growing, adapting, recalibrating. 

Before I became sober, my drinking looked on the surface to be ‘normal’ and drank about the same as most of my friends did. A few glasses of wine a few nights a week and a bottle or so on a Saturday night, whilst I nicked my husband’s fags. I had a very dodgy off-switch. The odd wild night this would result in a four day hangover.

Women's rites of passage are key times for many of us to experience mental health challenges and increased alcohol use. Motherhood is one of these when, even if we have support,  we can become depleted and overwhelmed. For me, the shift in identity/role, the loss of freedom, time and financial constraints bored down on me down on me it became all too easy to see the answer to all evils in a wine bottle shaped hug, that sparkling white medicine. 

The day to day job of being a mum, spinning plates, trying to work, keeping up with a baby and a very energetic and challenging toddler exhausted me and my mental health was actually in tatters. My husband  worked late in another city, getting back at 11pm most nights. I had little support - my parents live a long way away and we knew no-one in the new town. I was exhausted and depleted.

I missed spontaneity. I missed the person I used to be. Wine became entwined with those feelings somehow. 

This wasn’t every night; I worked to control it by making rules about when I would drink and how much I would drink. But alcohol had started to take a central role, becoming the focal point of my day as I raced through the cleaning; the playdates the toddler groups towards that Holy Grail of the 5 pm mark. Then, cooking the dinner like a million other  mums, I would exhale and pour my first civilised glass of wine. This always led to more - sometimes only half a bottle, in the week generally not a whole bottle, I would stop usually 3/4 of a bottle to prove I was OK. I counted units, set rules around my drinking such as ‘I’ll only have one glass tonight’ or ‘I’ll only drink one night in the week and at the weekend’ I would fail to meet those goals and feel disgusted with myself.

I had no clue about self-care or how to look after my nervous system. I just sprinted through my tasks, waving away red flags and I really saw that glass of wine as my reward. And it became the medicine, the thing to put the brakes on the sprint, a false force quit - I had lost the natural skill of resting and winding down. 

I just went hell for leather and then drank to stop. I saw what was happening as just life. I didn't have a choice about the evenings, couldn't afford a babysitter so I just got on with it. I did what women do - I found a get-around... wine.

I thought alcoholics were other people on park benches with a bottle of White Lightning, who went to AA, who ’had’ to give up drinking. How awful, how sad to be without lovely booze, I thought. I endured the walk of shame at the school gates too many times the morning after the night before, with obligatory shades and chewing gum. I used to laugh about that with other mums but inside I felt like crying.

Stopping was not easy; there was a lot of fear. How would I cope without my helper? I was having to rethink everything, I was fighting the brainwashing and marketing, facing the fears about relationships and friendships changing, not knowing how to switch off, trying to stay calm as really primal fears raged about I don’t quite know what. I worked hard at keeping busy till wine o'clock was past, I ate chocolate, I watched box sets compulsively.  But slowly, slowly the days clocked up. I immersed myself in quit lit and reading blogs on the site, made online friends and weeks turned into months. A new habit was forming and gradually felt less like pushing a boulder up a hill. 

It was when I started to work with self-care and started really looking after myself that being alcohol-free shifted into a place as a positive choice and about self-protection rather that self- deprivation. AS my sober friendships grew I felt seen and like I belonged.  Over time, I learnt not to engage with my own internal bully / the inner meanie who ran the show. By practicing little acts of kindness towards myself, the bully went quiet. I got the sober treats in and learnt about self- compassion in and the upward spiral continued.

I stopped seeing alcohol as a reward but for what it is-a poisonous addictive drug. It’s legal but it’s still a drug and it is marketed at women and mothers aggressively as a treat or reward. I find it helpful to remind myself that and they do not care you that are suffering or putting yourself and your kids at risk. They just want to sell you booze, sometimes at the end of the back to school aisle, as ‘mummy time’. Alcohol is not a treat and it is not self-care. And it stops you getting to grips with what you actually need because it causes a disconnection with your feelings.

I feel like a different woman today, a different kind of mum. I’m not second guessing myself because I’m hungover. And I’m not parenting under the influence which is obviously a no-brainer. I’m also not having to pretend I’m perfect because I’m actually hiding a drink problem. It’s not always easy and weekends can still drive me up the wall and I still lose my temper and my house is still a mess but I feel so thankful I don’t drink now.

Facing every day sober creates an emotional resilience that makes me feel like a warrior. If feel so proud of myself. Being sober means I see things that are really beautiful, I don’t miss those moments. I can listen better and I can ‘be’ better. I’m real with my kids. I’m not perfect. I don’t have to be. I’m enough. I don’t always feel like I am but on a fundamental level I know I am. I feel grateful that a drink problem did not have to be my ‘story ‘. 

I am passionate about supporting women to thrive and love being alcohol free and getting it out of their way because then the fun can really start! This is why I began Love Sober - as a blog at first- to share the good news that with connection and tools, information and a strength-based, respectful conversation that really looks at what we need as women,  we can rewrite our stories about who we are and what we need, free from the damaging effects of  alcohol. And THEN the magic starts to happen!

Together we can work it out and it will be ok - more that ok, it will be great. 

Love Kate x 


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