Love Yourself Sober - The Course.

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Getting started on your sober journey requires tools. Community & connection is key, as is mindset, information and inspiration. But repetition - the daily act of repeating one sober day on top of another- is where the magic actually happens because you building a new sober habit. That is why we created a course with daily bite-sized video content and lots of resources so each day you get the support you need to help you get off to a great start. YOU will grow in confidence as those days stack up and you track your progress and get used to yourself succeeding at changing your relationship with alcohol. 

It all starts with a Day 1.
  • Perfect for those starting out on their sober journey
  • Founded on evidence based methods from Behavioural Health & Habit Change Science
  • 6-week intensive self- study video-based coaching program
  • The get sober program for lasting change
  • Answering your fears about sobriety
  • Evidence based habit change techniques
  • The mindset shift you need
  • Self-care for successful sobriety
  • Videos, tools, tips, life-hacks, resources
  • BONUS! 6 WEEKS FREE ACCESS TO LOVE SOBER MEMBERSHIP with online  meetings, book club & resources. 
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Why not put yourself and your self-care first this summer and invest in a daily, nurturing ritual to help you stop drinking and prioritise your real, authentic needs? When we say 'no' to alcohol, we say 'yes' to health, peace of mind and authentic connection - all without the hangovers! 

.... Our Habit Change courses at Love Sober are written and developed for Grey Area Drinkers. If you are just starting out or wanting to dive deeper to sustain long-term happy alcohol free living these courses by habit change specialists Kate Baily & Mandy Manners, who founded Love Sober will help...

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