Love yourself Sober. Love your life Sober.

The idea for my blog has come about as result of my journey through sobriety so far.

It is about that journey, the tools, the skills, the trials and the unexpected gems that come up when you live your life sober.

This site is in progress and I am gradually uploading old blogs from my early sobriety and recent ones, so we might meet somewhere in the middle!

There will be practical guides with tips on how to socialise, survive the summer holidays, get through your first summer holidays and sometimes just get through the day.

I will also be covering topics which are close to my heart for the sober toolkit: wellness and self care strategies, mindfulness, connecting with others, the importance of awe, self-compassion and sober treats and rewards. I also love neuroscience , so there’s plenty of that too.

Please enjoy looking around my site.

Sober love
Kate x