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The Podcast for the Sober & Sober Curious

The Love Sober Podcast.

We set up the Love Sober podcast, for the sober & sober curious in May 2018 to reach out to people like us. We felt the need for a new conversation – not one of ‘addiction’, ‘relapse’ and ‘recovery’, which has previously been the standard text on the subject of booze, but one about the huge grey area of problematic drinking instead. Whether binge drinking or drinking to self-medicate stress, depression or anxiety, we talk about it all with the vibe of a comfy chat over a cuppa.

Our dialogue is primarily an honest parenting discussion through a sober lens. We both saw how we had bought into the ‘wine o’clock’ advertising-speak, and how detrimental that had been to us both as women and parents, and we seek to help others who are feeling the same. Our wellness and self-care journeys had made us realize that we can feel so much better when we ‘put down the Pinot’ and start asking better questions about how we really feel and what we really need.

The podcast is a mixture of handy tips, personal experience and interviews with special guests.

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Love K & M


"I love spending time with the two of you, usually on my dog walks! I really enjoy the informal yet well informed chats you have, they never fail to deepen my understanding and resolve to stay sober. Thank you, from the heart of my bottom and the bottom of my heart." 

"Hi Mandy & Kate, I just binged on your podcasts. I got through about 5. I just wanted to say I love it! Your stories about drinking really resonate with me, I had my first drink around 12/13yrs old and around me everyone was drinking and partying so I felt like it was the norm. I feel quite alone, here in Japan on this sober journey, I’m so pleased to have found your website, podcast and Instagram so I can feel connected to other sober people. Thank you x"

"As another busy mum of two who stopped drinking just over a year ago I’m still so conscious all the time of the “mummy needs wine” culture and feel that pressure to fit in, even though I know that for this mummy the last thing she needs is wine (seriously!) This was like having a chat with my sober besties and so the best possible antidote to all that – I’ll be tuning in weekly. Thanks ladies."

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"Kate and Mandy are really open and honest. This podcast is a joy to listen to and really inspires me to stay sober and love life. If you’re at a point in life where you’re questioning if alcohol is really working for you anymore then definitely give this podcast a whirl!!" 

“I love this podcast and love the way you're supporting sober and sober-curious people. This is a beautiful new world, where the stigma of recovery is lessening, and people who need to find out how and why to get sober have access to so many more answers than we used to have.”

"Incredible - 5 Stars, I arrived at sobriety broken and lost and weary. With the help of LoveSober I have gradually been able to do the work of putting myself back together. I’ll be forever grateful to Kate and Mandy. I’ve listened to each episode at least twice. I’ve laughed along and I’ve cried and all the whilst feeling in the company of 2 old friends. LoveSober is my safe space and my home. I can’t rate this podcast highly enough. I’m nearly 8 months sober and honestly I don’t think I’d be here without LoveSober. I’ll be forever grateful."

Guest Appearances:

Both Kate & Mandy have had the pleasure of being interviewed on other podcasts, check them out below...

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