"Mandy and Kate are the real deal - kind, caring, reflective, smart...and they’ve been down the path..."

D, Canada

Permission to Pause


Guided Meditations

4 short guided press pause moments for busy parents, caretakers, makers and creators by Rose Romain: She Recovers, BA, CPC, CPRC coach and voice artist, to accompany you through sobriety over the festive season.

  • 1: shake it out and god damn breathe
  • 2: the body knows what’s up:  
  • 3: grounding in chaos
  • 4: buying half a second more before losing ones shit with loving kindness


Becoming Sober- The Awesome Choice


Foundation for lasting sobriety

  • Perfect for those starting out on their sober journey
  • 6 week intensive self study video based coaching program
  • Our get sober program for lasting change
  • Answering your fears about sobriety
  • Habit change
  • Mindset shift
  • Self-care for successful sobriety
  • Videos, tools, tips, life-hacks, resources
  • 6 weeks FREE access to the Love Sober Community and online meetings
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Love Sober Life School

£600 early bird £450

Everything you need to LOVE YOUR LIFE SOBER

  • Perfect for those coming back to sobriety, those striving to stay sober & sober women asking themselves - What next?
  • Interactive 12 week group coaching program
  • Personal development for sober women to love sober for life
  • Weekly live coaching calls
  • Daily videos
  • Weekly group call
  • Unique BALANCE program for stress management
  • Evidence-based wellbeing practises and resources
  • 12 weeks FREE access to the Love Sober Community and online meetings

The next School will open March 2021

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"Their approach to sobriety - that it’s awesome, way better and something to love as opposed to something to slog through in misery was so easy to internalize because they spoke of it in such a genuine way. I wanted what they had! Their check-ins were like weekly meetups with friends."

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J, N. Ireland

"Love Sober Life School has been an amazing experience and has truly empowered me to love sober and give my sobriety the boost it needed.

Thank you Kate and Mandy!!"

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"This is a fabulous course that will undoubtedly help with your all-round personal development
and that in turn will reinforce your sobriety and sober motivation. Kate and Mandy help you look at your own personal develpment to identify your personal questions, problems, values and goals. I left this course feeling well prepared for a sober life."


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We work with women to feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking and pivot from surviving to thriving in their busy lives, using a unique holistic approach for growth, change and mastering self-care.

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Our first book has hit the shelves and captured the hearts of mums everywhere.  

Click on the link below and find out what all the fuss is about!

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