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Addiction is bad for business. It is also bad for your staff, relationships, ideas and productivity.

How alcohol-informed are you? What do you and your staff know about how a problematic relationship with a substance or behaviour may begin? Do you know about the spectrum of addiction? How do you spot signs of mental health issues or addictions? How can you support and help your teams to thrive and signpost agencies of support? 

As part of your mental health training and support, are you thinking about alcohol use and or other drugs or problematic behaviours? Is your business an ally to people in recovery or seeking to live alcohol-free?

Rediscovery coaches are experts in the fields of addiction and wellbeing with backgrounds in corporate and educational settings and we can help you business get ahead of these all to common problems and provide you with bespoke, evidence based strategies to help your team and business thrive. 

Our services include:

1-1 Coaching for individuals struggling with habitual, impactful maladaptive behaviour.

Informative workshops, talks and online courses to meet your needs.

With our help you and your staff will better understand what someone on the spectrum of addiction might feel like, look like and how to support.

Identifying early signals and gaining the tools and support to empower sustainable change is key to maximising a culture of productivity, wellbeing and health.

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Coach training for Coaches

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Are you a coach interested in coaching your clients around positive sobriety? Do you want a solid basis in recovery and wellbeing strategies? Do you like how we at Love Sober approach coaching? Do you want to know more about our Balanced model and working with clients in Grey Area Drinking? Do you want a basis in the understanding of addictive behavior and how to get clients the stage appropriate support to answer their needs?

Contact us to discuss your bespoke training plan.

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