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Welcome to Love Sober Podcast, the podcast for the sober and sober curious.

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Welcome to the space for our chats about sobriety, motherhood, mental health, life and all its glitter and warts through a sober lens.

The idea for the pod is to talk, talk and do bit more talking. We hope that by sharing our stories and questions that we can add to the collective voice and growing awareness around alcohol , and big up the choice to live alcohol free as a strong , brave and rather fabulous choice.

Not always easy, not the norm, so damn hard in the early days but so worth it.

The more we share our stories the more the stereotypes and myths wither and die. We felt we couldn’t talk about this for many years and now we can and we are so relieved that that we can. And now try to stop us ! With interviews, tips, topics, sober life hacks let’s bring on the chat and blow this gaff wide open!

We are delighted to report that since we launched in May 2018 we have had over 100,000 downloads of the podcast and messages from all over the world. This means the world to us because we hadn’t a clue if anyone would listen, we just sat in our kitchens having a chat and we are DELIGHTED you have chosen to join us and that it helps. And that you aren’t sick to death of us whittering on.

We welcome your interaction and feedback so If you have any questions or would like to contribute or comment please contact us here.

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Love Kate and Mandy xxx

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