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Love Your Sober Month

Kickstart your sober curious journey with daily tips, tool and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox.

You can change your relationship with alcohol just like I did and the women in the Love Sober Community. I know it feels IMPOSSIBLE but it isn't and I am going to show you how you can not only get sober but how to build a life you love sober too. It's not rocket science but it is science and we can get started right now with mindset shift lasting habit change. 

  • Evidence based tools  from habit change specialist, coach, podcaste and author and founder of Love Sober, me,  Kate Baily.
  • As well as receiving your daily content you will also enjoy a month's free access to Love Sober Membership, with a secret Facebook Group.
  • Weekly online meetings & book club
  • Monthly coaching call on a Sober or Wellbeing Topic. 

Together we get, stay and LOVE being sober. 

The future's bright , you'd better wear shades! 

Love Kate x