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Love Yourself Sober - The Course

Our Alcohol Habit Change Program

Have you tried to quit drinking before? Have you done Dry Jan and gone back to drinking on Feb 1st with gusto? Or found that your drinking crept up again? Are you ready for a change?

The Mindset- shift program, designed by women for women. Getting Sober is more than willpower, it's about calling BS and creating the habit of being alcohol free and this is where your journey starts. Our best selling get sober, six week programme designed to shift your mindset around alcohol, and by focusing on your own self-care assemble the building blocks of the life you love sober.

We look at what's going on in your brain to empower you to navigate your triggers, cravings and fears.

You may have been circling sober island for awhile, maintaining periods of sobriety, then moderating, using willpower to push yourself through certain hard days only to find you return to drinking on another.

This course is about teaching you to break the cycle and find a life you love sober, by becoming sober.

What's included:

• Daily videos to inform, inspire & answer your fears.
• Weekly webinars to guide you through the steps to move from a place of striving to go sober to thriving in sobriety.
• Resources, reflection questions and journaling prompts.

OFFER: This course is 100% refundable if you later enrol on the 3 month group coaching programme Love Sober Life School! 

The future is bright, beautiful, and we welcome you.

Love Kate and Mandy X

What People Are Saying:

This course has been completely invaluable to me. It gave me focus, routine and the most amazing ideas of how to focus on what I want and need to live a sober life. But not only that, it allowed me to work on what I want in all areas of my life. It helped me to be aspirational and dream. It has the right balance of proactive exercises and resources to help becoming sober be enjoyable, easy and exciting, as well as lots of evidence based theories and science to help me understand what alcohol is doing to my body and to our society. It has taught me that self compassion is key. It has taught me that sometimes we have energy to do lots and accomplish loads and other times we will simply need to rest and just be. It has given me confidence to understand how to live an authentic sober life. Mandy and Kate are both wonderful. I feel like I have known them both years. Their openess and honesty allowed me to be honest to myself when reflecting. Please be kind to yourself and take this course. You won't regret it. Make sure you journal and take notes as you then have these ideas with you forever.

Laura, UK

I came across Love Sober on the Spotify Podcast. I had been questioning my drinking for a long time and had tried to stop many times, rarely managing more than a few days.  My drinking had ramped up over lockdown and I was often drinking a bottle and a half of wine in one sitting.  When I listened to the Love Sober podcast, I could relate to Mandy and Kate and a lot of what they said really resonated.  I had tried AA a couple of times but found it too trauma based and too disciplinarian.  A single working mother cannot attend 90 meetings in 90 days!!  I would recommend any woman – mother or not – to use Love Sober as a sobriety pathway, women are too hard on themselves and this is about giving yourself permission to be kind to yourself.  When you start being kind to yourself the magic happens!!

Emma, UK.