Love  Your Sober Summer 

Your Six Week Group Coaching Program to make this a hangover-free summer to remember 


Love Yourself Sober Course INCLUDED!

Based on tools from our seminal self care guide to alcohol free living, this month long self-paced course is free when you sign up to this 6 week group coaching. This provides daily content for habit change and self care and creativity, so you will have LOADS of support. 

Why is Summer Sobriety so tricky? 

Did you know that statistically drinking peaks in the summer? Whilst we may be able to get on board with the idea of staying in with hot choc and Netflix in the colder months, the sun and longer days beckon us out to play. 

The summer can also be a cluster trigger with its association with high days, holidays and the pursuit of pleasure. But let’s face it, hangovers in the heat are no cause for celebration. So, how do we enjoy the benefits of the summer, while avoiding its danger spots?

During each season we are challenged once again to adapt our sober toolkit to whatever the conditions. Just as you wouldn’t wear a bikini in the rain, we need to choose the right tools for the job.

If you are a mum, during the period of school closure, aka the summer holidays, there is a tendency to run ourselves ragged, forget the early lessons of building our sober toolkit and self-care, and find ourselves triggered to drink again.

We may be venturing out more, feeling more sociable with the summer’s extrovert energy. We need to be aware that we also have to rest and rehydrate, and restock our toolkits, like packing picnic hampers for long days out. It’s important to note the emergence of fading affect bias (that we forget how bad things were over time) and our vulnerability to seeing things through rose-tinted sunglasses, which makes rosé all day suddenly seem like a great idea.

Remember that you can do this. We will build our toolkits over the next few weeks and take down that wine witch. 

Let's Deal with This! 

How does it work? 


  • Starts 22nd June¬†
  • Weekly Coaching Calls on Thursday nights at 7pm GMT
  • Calls recorded so you can watch a replay if you miss a session¬†
  • Love Yourself Sober Course¬†INCLUDED
  • 6 week membership with bi weekly meetings INCLUDED

With a combination of connection, planning and exploration we will build the sober toolkit for the summer based on your triggers, stressors, beliefs and experience. We will reframe fun, holidays and road test what it can really feel like to feel calm, present and in control as we explore what genuinely lights us up and calms us down so we are less triggered to drink alcohol. We build evidence in our own ability to enjoy ourselves and our lives free from the negative impact of alcohol. 

Tools, Support & Mindset Shift over 6 weeks


Week 1: Preparation and Mindset: We set the intention & goals together.  

Week 2: Managing Triggers & Emergency Tools: Together we identify the danger zones and share tools for managing those situations and triggers. 

Week 3: Radical Self-Care and Toolkit. Real nitty-gritty self care and boundaries for grown-ups. 

Week 4: Socialising & Holiday Prep. We deconstruct the old myths about holidays and what social means.

Week 5: Sensory Tools & Self-talk. We explore ways to identify sensory needs early on to avoid meltdowns and triggers and what to say to ourselves to help and support rather than hinder. 

Week 6: Next Steps & After Care: How to carry on being your own best friend and biggest ally and where to find continued support. 


Connection in our Group and the Love Sober Membership Community 

We are able to change when we reflect in the company of likeminded people...Connect with others for Sober Support.

As well as our weekly meetings you get free access to the Love Sober Community with twice weekly online Peer Support sessions, workshops and more! 

Together we are stronger and it's more fun! 


Facilitated by a Professional Holistic Sobriety & Wellbeing Coach 

Group coaching sessions are faciltated by Kate Baily, who is an ICF accredited holistic sobriety and wellbeing coach specialising in midlife transition, grey area drinking and habit change. Kate has many years facilitating group coaching, retreats and trainings ad has been on the sober path for 11 years. 

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