Love Sober Life Community

This is YOUR space to find your sober sisterhood. To share your common bonds, values, interests an connect.

Our community provides a space to talk about the good days and bad days, to chat through what's going on, make suggestions, support each other and have somewhere safe, secure, secret and sober.

Whether you are sober or sober curious you are welcome.

Maybe arrange meet ups where you are? Have a creative circle? A gig group? People who love comedy? Find someone who lives down the road for a cuppa?

The power is in the connection of women together, stronger together.

There are regular Connect & Reflect Zoom meetings, posts and prompts and wise women to cheer you on wherever you are on your journey.

Team Love Sober will be there to support the group and  ensure this space is what we believe in - a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental community because it's key and we know this space will help you all to get, stay and love sober.

Join our secret untraceable group for members and long term friends of Love Sober only.

Lots of love K & M XXXXX


"Their honesty, vulnerability and sense of humor made me feel like I was hanging out with friends and I needed that desperately in a time I felt so alone. Their approach to sobriety-that it’s awesome, way better and something to love as opposed to something to slog through in misery was so easy to internalize because they spoke of it in such a genuine way. I wanted what they had! "

Community Member