LOVE SOBER LIFE Coaching Package:

Have you been questioning your drinking? Do you think your drinking is not that bad, but not that great either - maybe you are carrying shame, trying to moderate or control your drinking, but it doesn't always work? Do occasionally binge or blackout? You are probably in the Grey Area of drinkers. Perhaps you have managed periods of Sobriety, but it hasn't stuck? Perhaps you are sober curious and need support to start out? Maybe you have some sober time and you are asking yourself, what now?

Love Sober Life is perfect for you.

Why coaching? Because  coaching is an in-depth, investigation into what you really need and what is holding you back to blast away road blocks, limiting beliefs, and your past stories to help you align with you values and get clear on your ‘why’.

We support you to use sobriety to pivot into a life you love, by resourcing you with a toolbox full of skills, practices and sustainable habit change to be balanced in  your busy life and to thrive in your sobriety long-term.

These bespoke sessions are led by you the client to answer your needs.

At Love Sober we devised the Acronym BALANCED as the basis for holistic wellbeing. We believe that the key to not only get sober & stay sober, but to Love Sober is to really get to grips with a whole life approach. To bring harmony and balance and in any areas of personal development, recovery this applies too. Why Balanced? Because it incorporates all the elements of taking good care of ourselves and balance is the opposite of overwhelm which leads so many of us to maladaptive behaviour and negative self-talk.

B = Body (Mental & Physical Wellbeing, Nutrition, Exercise...)
A = Awe (Gratitude, Senses, Mindfulness, Nature...)
L = Love (For oneself & others - Self Care & Compassion, Kindness...)
A = Alignment (Values & Purpose...)
N = Nurture (Knowledge, Recognising needs...)
C = Community (Friendship, Solidarity, Asking for help, creating connection...)
E = Enjoyment (Play, Flow, Hobbies, what lights you up & your inner child...)
D = Dream (Projects, Goals and future focused)

This comes from our studies of the impact of positive psychology and the science of happiness on people's wellbeing, as well as coaching. We will have this as our focus to help you to achieve your goal, with lots of tools and techniques to support you.

What's in your package?

90 Minute call - Getting to know your story, identifying your goal, working with you to resource yourself. Identifying your triggers and looking at what you can add in to support your emotional wellbeing.
60 minute weekly coaching sessions.
Daily accountability emails - To keep you motivated, connected and resourced to meet your goal.
A bespoke plan - To answer to your emotional and physical needs and lifestyle, which works for YOUR life. Taking a shame free look at your drinking story, your mental and physical health, with a trauma informed approach to best support you and regulate your nervous system.
B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D. - Coaching on our unique approach using evidence based practices from the science of happiness and positive psychology.
- Articles, Somatic exercises, Nutrition and Suppliment suggestions, Meditation and Creativity, Self-Compassion, moving past shame, forgiveness, practical happiness hits and much more...
Community - Lifetime access to our secret Facebook group for peer support.

Invest in yourself:
6 week package - £360 (6 coaching calls + daily email contact)
8 week package - £480 (8 coaching calls + daily email contact)

Love Sober Coaches


Kate Baily is the co-founder of Love Sober, a certified Life and Personal Performance Coach and author, specialising in mindset and wellness coaching, holistic recovery from AUD and radical self care. Her mission is to enable women to reclaim power in any areas they feel compromised and build their own unique programs for wellness and happiness.

She is also a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Grey Area Drinking Coach and holds certificates in The Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology. She was shortlisted for Best Newcomer and a finalist in the prestigious International Coaching Awards hosted by The Coaching Academy Coaching for a Cause category in 2019. She incorporates her training with edx in The Science of Happiness, The Coaching Academy and SHE RECOVERS to help clients love themselves and their lives sober.

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Mandy Manners

Mandy Manners is the co-founder of Love Sober a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, a She Recovers® Designated Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Coach, author and speaker. Specialising in mindset and recovery coaching and focusing on the impact trauma and mental wellbeing has on problematic alcohol use.

She coaches' women to feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking alcohol. Harnessing their decision to go sober to pivot from surviving to thriving in all areas of their lives using evidence based  strategies to create their own toolkit of resources for stress management, nervous system regulation and self-supportive living.

She uses her training coupled with her own experiences to work with clients to transform their own lives to find balance, gratitude, satisfaction and a life they love sober.

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1-1 Coaching

If you are looking at a more flexible coaching option, you can work with Kate or Mandy in a pay per hour solution. Creating a customised programme to answer to your needs on a shorter or longer term basis.

Coaching includes:

Focused calls using strength based techniques and motivational interviewing to empower you to reach your goals. Focused work on releasing shame, self-forgiveness, self-compassion, work/life balance, stress management, removing limiting beliefs and fear. To align with you values and get clear on what you want and need.

We support you  to pivot into a life you love, by resourcing you with a toolbox full of skills, practices and sustainable habit change to be balanced in your busy life and to thrive.

Using our unique B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D.  evidence based approach based on practices from the science of happiness and positive psychology.

£60 per 50 min session.
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Re(dis)covery Coaches & LOVE SOBER

Creating content and training for professionals and service providers. Focusing on the wider questions of maladaptive behaviour, habits and substance use.


  • Coach training
  • In-business awareness days
  • Consulting on best practice.
  • Talks and Workshops.

Focusing on: The neuroscience of the Addictive Brain, Positive Psychology, Self-Care, Parenting Sober, Positive Sobriety, Clean Language and holistic, inclusive joyful recovery programmes.

Previous & current partnerships include:

Contact us:

If you are interested in how we can get your business informed and up to date on how addiction, maladaptive behaviours and mental health are impacting people in our busy lives, we'd be happy to discuss with you further. Thanks Kate and Mandy

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