Love Sober Event – Thoughts upon…. By Kate Baily

So basically WHOOP WHOOP , can we get high tens, low tens, in the middle tens and an eleven minute group hug for us all getting together yesterday ? What an awesome bunch of women .. I feel recharged, quite emosh and warm from the meeting. Jolene Park of Healthy discoveries is a powerhouse sober coach, TEDX speaker  and functional nutritionist from Colorado and we were so lucky she could come and do our first Love Sober Event ; Nurture Yourself Sober.

I find a big cross over with the Love Sober approach and Healthy Discoveries. Our core values are that alcohol causes a disconnect, that our wellness start with the enquiry ‘What do I need?’ , that if we have been using alcohol for a while then often we don’t know what we need so it’s about getting to grips with these authentic needs and nurturing ourselves in a holistic way: bodies, hormones, neurotransmitters, exercise yes..but also the life wheel of hobbies, work, connection, spirit and fun. It’s a bespoke art and no one size fits all. It’s not a check list , it’s an enquiry into noticing what makes us feel good and nourished. This helps us feel good and happier and healthier and also is the scaffolding that creates resilience to cope with when life is tough. I know this 100%. And the transformation is in those daily actions, small actions, good habits that we repeat all the time not in the odd big hero gesture.

So we spent the afternoon, learning , looking at our wellness, sharing thoughts, questions, tea and my homemade cakes ( home iced ) and connecting. Some people felt nervous .. I was bricking it TBH but I knew I had a powerhouse of Mandy and Jolene there and I also knew lots of these ladies from out online communities and the warmth was just flowing. I feel so lucky to be part of the sober sisterhood and to have found my place.

I loved that friends came and mucked in, signing people in, getting tea, making labels, doing last minute runs to the shops, when we were caught up in the Uber, that people look out for people who might be alone and were friendly and inclusive. We laughed too and shared some vulnerabilities.

I’m once again gobsmacked by society’s view of sober and how scared I was giving up the vino and entering a bleak grey world, of the assumptions and ignorance of people who think its OK to grill you about it. But this stuff, all these gorgeous women, out and proud, having fun, living our best lives-  connecting, celebrating growing, learning and calling bullshit on wine o’clock is so damned inspiring.

With huge thanks to the We are in good co girls for their lovely cards. Also to /shrb drinks for their generous and delicious contribution to the goodie bags and also to the very excellent Platf9rm for hosting.

We will be promoting the next two workshops soon, so watch this space.

Sober love to all Kate and Mandy xxx

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