inspo #1 The Little Book of Wonder posted by Kate

Kicking off the inspo section of Love Sober (resources that inspire us) is a book I mentioned in the podcast which is a total gem, The Little Book of Wonder by Bernadette Russell, author of The Little Book of Kindness and 365 Days of Kindness. 

This book is great for sober folk in my opinion because whether or not you subscribe to the whole God thing, higher power whatever, I don’t think we can deny that there is something greater than us, like the sea, sky, a force like Mother Theresa or the moment when I discovered Krispy Kreme donuts. Seriously.

It’s beautifully written little nuggets of how to rediscover bits of wonder in our daily lives, through nature , creativity, words, at home, in museums, a bit like looking at everything through a child’s eyes again.

As neuroscientists are proving , awe and wonder are vital to our happiness and health and therefore should DEFO be in the sober toolkit .

All big love


£7.99 Hardback from Waterstones or Amazon 

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