Sobriety Fatigue…..


When you stop drinking it starts off as  very , very conscious, mindful  application of new skills and new strategies  to get through trigger times, wine o’clock , special occasions, nights out to NOT DRINK as you  settle into you and get to know sober you.

Then It gets easier , as you get used to it, become more skilful at managing the stresses of life or triggers, you life starts to reflect these changes and you feel proud of yourself , you might set milestones and celebrate your achievements , perhaps you have built an online community and made sober friends IRL.

One day it feels normal to not drink which is super freakin amazing and who would have ever thought it and then ….. SOBRIETY FATIGUE ALERT!!!!

What is Sobriety Fatigue? It’s when you have a tiny idea that maybe you were being over the top stopping drinking, that maybe you could have one or two over the weekend, it all just feels like a bit of a slog. For me it’s the ‘meh’ feeling , the ‘so what ‘ feeling , the ‘I’m SOOOO bored feeling’ . Sobriety Fatigue is my little red flag to myself that I had better get my booty into gear and find out what is wrong and what I need pronto so that I don’t start taking all this for granted.

It is all too easy to get out of touch with what we need, let our self care go , to slip bad into bad habits and then wonder why the gremlins appear.

My meh feeling today if I look at it more closely is the need for fun : (Book a date night), stress of school run ( pack bags and do lunches the night before ) , lost purse ( same as before) , I need to declutter a bit and also I need a holiday. Hopefully next week we are going away for a couple of days. It’s to damn well acknowledge just how far I have come this year. To have my own back and to give myself credit on a daily basis.

What I’m saying is Sobriety Fatigue is never really Sobriety Fatigue. It is useful information that you NEED something. A hug, a walk in the woods, a duvet day , to shout into the wind, dance with your kids in the kitchen, reach out to friends, watch a funny film -it will be about in some way being present and getting out of thinking and doing into being and getting something met. So when it’s feeling like a slog work out what you need, something about it  and remember you are a rock star.



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  1. Today, for me, it meant going back and listening to Tara Brach’s Sacred Pause talk while knitting a scarf. I always thank you for the introduction to this wonderful resource that is Tara, both her guided meditations and her inspiring talks. Thank you Kate, Love NT xxx

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